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Great Western Bank, whose holding company is Great Western Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: GWB), is a regional bank based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States. There are over 170 locations in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Great Western Bank currently has assets of $12.39 billion.

A customer mentioned, "Great Western Bank is a PREDATOR !!!! We signed up for a CD at 2% and when it came due, I showed up to renew it. They told me my wife had to sign too. When I asked what would happen if we waited, [we were in the middle of a family crisis], they said it would go to simple savings. Instead we learn they stuck us with a .3% CD and said if we wanted out we would have to give up 2% of our principle !!!!!! Great Western Bank preys on people who are lured into a reasonable CD and if they don't act within the tiny time frame, they stick you with a junk rate CD and demand 2% of your money to get out. Thieves, crooks and scammers is what they stand for.


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Former Employee - Branch Manager says

"Unethical behavior, be prepared to do other employees jobs. No line of support, unethical behavior and no accountability"

Former Employee - Teller says

"Weak management who showed unfair bias. Would constantly allow employees to cause problems without discipling them. Nearly all employees are dull and unfriendly who do the bare minimum to receive their salary. Work every Saturday. High turn over rate due to poor management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Tyrannical work environment. Huge egos in the corporate tower. Nearly 30% turn-over of staff year over year due to employee dissatisfaction and disgruntlement. Spin doctors who promise the moon and deliver nothing. Unethical practices. Blatant disregard for regulation. You name - awful."

Former Employee - Business Banking Lending Associate I I says

"This company has NO structure whatsoever. Fly by the seat of your pants and hope all goes well. No procedures in place for anything and employees quit as fast as they start here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They take advantage of great people and promote based upon cliques."

Former Employee - Business Banker says

"Management is allowed to bully their employees with no repercussions. No room for growth in most markets. They lose long term employees because they treat them awful. Everyone is graded on a curve so if you have an off year you could be out the door due to the curve. Bonus system is hard to figure out. Overall they just don't care about their employees. Now that I work for a bank with an employee friendly culture I realize how disfunction this place is. I still have nightmares about management. I can't stressed enough how awful they are."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Tellers and personal bankers are fired and tossed aside like used kleenex. Branch managers have free rein to hire their friends. It's the most unprofessional organization I've ever come across. Promises made at offer if employment never materialize."

Former Employee - Personal Banking Representative says

"The only thing that makes this company worth working for is the customers who bank here. Quarterly training is given online, going over basic things like robberies and handling cash, it gets really repetitive. Seldom conference calls with people from Sioux Falls, often talking about things that you probably won't understand because you haven't been properly trained. If you ask somebody other than your boss a question, you get accused of "stepping on toes" or going behind their back, even though they don't give you the time of day unless it's to tell you what you're doing wrong or if you get a credit card sale. Oh, speaking of credit cards, their yearly goals are crap. They basically just tell you to shove credit cards down your customers throats until they say yes to filling out an application. And they're goal to deliver great customer service is crap, too. They want you to charge a customer a whole $5 to reprint a one page statement. ONE PAGE. They promote unqualified people into management positions, allowing for an unprofessional workplace and promotes harassment like no other. Managers abuse break times, frequently coming back from half hour lunches late or leaving for an hour in the middle of the day for personal pleasures, like tanning. Not one single location in the area follows procedures like they should, causing difficulties with customers who get treated differently at other locations. No room to move up in the company unless you kiss-up to upper management. Bosses will question your use of PTO, even though PTO can be used for literally anything there, and accuse you of not actually being sick. Need to get some sleep? PTO. Need to wash your car? PTO. Literally anything. By far the worst, most hostile work environment I've ever had. Please, save yourself the trouble and don't even bother."

Personal Banking Representative says

"Unrealistic expectations, will take advantage of you if you allow it, limited advancement potential. Very hierarchical organization, senior management ignored lower level staff. Big bank attitude, small bank capabilities."

Former Employee - Personal Banker says

"High turnover, poor management, lack of direction, lack of training, no clear goals or mission, poor incentives, systems outdated, very poor compensation."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Company puts profits above employees happiness and doesn’t think twice about hiring people who are ill or have sick relative. Branch manager does not help and is knowledgeable about the bank products at all. Staff has no respect for herWages are decentNegative worthless branch manager"

Business Banker (Former Employee) says

"President of denver market is clueless!! Not only clueless ,but sexist and racist. Would not be able to poor water out of a shoe if there was instructions on the shoe.NothingEveryone"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"Management does not care about their employees, will not support them or back them up. Needs a major overhaul. No sick leave or bereavement time. Way too strict on their practices.Management"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"No room for advancement, hostile work environment, and managers do not genuinely care. I was harassed by a coworker on several occasions to which I brought to the attention of upper management and nothing was done. Poor compensation."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"This company has little room for advancement. Super dysfunctional. High turnover rate. Hires anyone they can get, which leads to bad employees. Constantly updating and changing procedures so you never know what is what. Horrible management skills. I would just avoid working here at all costs. You will just be trained to be a zombie-like robot that is miserable. No room for creativity or expression.nothingeverything"

Customer Service Representative III (Former Employee) says

"Management is not personable. They did not care about employees. They had not empathy when you have a personal issue. Stressful and lack of training."

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work! No training or coaching yet you are expected to just "know" what to do. Management also has very poor ethics! Would never recommend to anyone.NoneLittle pay, lots of stress"

Personal Banker Officer (Former Employee) says

"GWB does not treat it's employees fairly or with respect. They limit advancement opportunities while saying, "If you learn how to do this one more'll be in-line for a promotion." But that promotion never comes. The work load is heavy and involves working through lunches as an hourly employee just to meet deadlines. Raises are small (usually $0.10 - $0.20) and they only occur once a year. Management will utilize the ideas and plans of their top employees without giving that employee due credit. They have nearly a 100% turnover rate, and it's pretty obvious why."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"got let go because i was trained improperly hours are ok management was disconnected associates were rude work at least 2 saturdays a month selfish company"

Operation Manager II (Former Employee) says

"This company is living in the past on how it manages. It does not empower its staff or mid management. It inappropriately singles staff out on issues without fixing root causes. Senior leadership is only worried how they look, and not how there team looks to EXCO leaders. I do not recommend this a company to work for until they decide to operate as a true team and allow for staff sodainappropriate expectations, lack of staff engagement"

Personal Banking Representative (Former Employee) says

"All I can say'd be better off unemployed! There is NO training and ABSOLUTELY ZERO support from management (at least at this office). If you like jobs where you are set up for failure rather than success then this is the job for you. These people expect you to be born knowing the position and you are thrown in on day 1 answering the phones. Management needs to get a clue how to work with people and learn how to manage!! Low end tellers are allowed to basically run the branch and management allows it! Very clicky branch and not welcoming of new people. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea....RUN!! Remember, I have nothing to gain from writing this review....I'm only hoping it might help someone make a better decision for their career.Nothing!Everything!"

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"First of all, I should say that working in a branch vs. working in the corporate tower are two different things at this organization. People in the branches are always curious and even starved for acknowledgment from the corporate tower, but sadly they don't realize how good they have it being out of site and out of mind. My experience at the corporate tower was, quite frankly, the worst work experience I've ever had in my many years of banking. There are really good people there, and there is even the outward projection of opportunity. But don't be fooled. It is as cut throat and dog-eat-dog as any corporation could ever be. The National Australia Bank presence is entirely manipulative of the system - they will sell you anything you want to hear and mean none of it later. Typical of global corporate behemoths, NAB doesn't really care one hoot about employees (sure, their many spin doctors make lots of effort and feigned gesture to suggest they do, but it's all mostly smoke and mirrors) as evidenced by their regular redundancies. Rub one of the Aussies the wrong way and you will be instantly doomed/black-balled; no matter how much effort you put into trying to resolve a concern or absolve doubts, the NAB folks hold eternal grudges, and they can be extremely spiteful, even mean-spirited, just because its part of their own power-trip DNA. Make no mistake, Great Western Bank is a very large bank, trying very hard to pretend to be a community bank. It's not. It's a bloodthirsty, corporate environment from top to bottom at the tower; with many, many self-serving opportunistsYou'll meet and make friends with some very fine colleagues; 401KAlmost everything else"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"The current manager does not help staff. Customers can be lined up and she stays in her office. She will study the cameras and watch behind doors to see what staff is doing. All of the current employees are trying to find other jobs and at least 15 employees have gone through in 3 years."

Personal Banking Representative (Current Employee) says

"There was no training to understand your role. I have never experienced a worse manager and I hope no one is unfortunate to work in retail at the Scottsdale Branch."

BRANCH /RETAIL MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"* Worst customer service (internal and external) * Incompetent people (due to COMPUTER SYSTEM CONFUSION) * Ask 3 people the same question, you will get at 3 different and misleading answers * Culture is very unclear and communication is all over the palce"

Personal Banking Representative (Former Employee) says

"Overworked and Underpaid, manipulation of hours to avoid being paid overtime. No proper training for current job position, learn as you go envorinment. Would not recommend company to others for work.Vacation timeNo breaks/ Manipulation of hours"

Business Banker Trainee (Former Employee) says

"It is difficult to start a job but when the VP that hired you quits the first day you start. Then bring in seasoned Banker as your boss and trainer to cover 4 branches and have them train you. No time to help me learnNoneNone"

Personal Banking Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked for the bank for over 11 years. Very satisfied until the past 2 years when the extreme sales culture started with no training but very high and unrealistic expectations. Would never work for this company. Pay is ok and benefits are very average. Paid time off is generous. Great Western Bank operates like a McDonald's with very short staff and high pace but with a zero tolerance of any mistakes. Very high stress and turnover. Absolutely no job work environmentno tolerance for mistakes, no training, on your own, culture pits employees against each other to keep their job, reach goals at any cost"

Sales Management (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was full of trepidation, confrontations and general lack of direction. Most operating times were filled with company forms that resulted in meaningless feedback and no action on major issues that could make the company money.Hardest part of the job was trying to act like you cared for what they were doing.....Even though you knew there was a better way to get it done and make the company more efficient and profitable.The most enjoyable part of the job was leaving the company.big enough to have high salaries.terrible leadership, no vision for growth....."

Banker (Former Employee) says

"Great Western Bank is a organization that projects itself as a small town bank that is family and customer focused. The reality is that they are apart of a conglomerate based out of Australia.This company is all about the dollar. They expect everything from you, but give you very little in return.If you want to work lots of hours with a lean workforce then this is the place for you.plenty to do...plenty to do but not enough resources or time" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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